Blonde Chocolate

Blonde chocolate, also known as caramelised or golden chocolate, is making a return to our shelves and social media feeds.

Also known as caramelised white chocolate, blonde takes advantage of the Maillard reaction during cooking to produce a toasted, caramellic and creamy flavour profile.

It was originally created accidentally by a French pastry chef who left white chocolate over a bain-marie for 10 hours. (The Food People). In 2021, Cadbury’s launched their golden bar of Caramilk in the UK which brought the light brown chocolate back into the spotlight. Since then it has been used as a flavour profile in cakes, milkshakes, desserts and cream liqueurs.

Consumer Trends

The light brown addition to white, dark, milk and ruby chocolate capitalises on being a new and exciting twist on a traditional flavour that everyone knows and loves. Previously popularised by the classic Caramac bar, many consumers will associate the caramelised chocolate with memories of their childhood.

Tapping into the current need for nostalgia and comfort in uncertain times, blonde chocolate is appealing to younger and older consumers alike.


To tap into this trend, Synergy flavours have created a blonde caramel chocolate flavour available in both liquid and powdered formats. The flavours are suitable for a wide range of applications including;

• Bakery

• Dairy desserts

• Dairy drinks

• Liqueurs

• Sports nutrition powders.

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