Inspiring tastes of America

With the interest in American cuisine at an all-time high and showing no sign of slowing down, we have added a number of flavours and pastes to further extend our American range.

Moving beyond the now familiar Deep South BBQ, we have developed a myriad of new flavours and pastes including smoke & fire, regional spice flavours, contrast flavours plus several American alcohol profiles, including Bourbon.

American Flavours x350 American Flavours x350 American Flavours x350

Full Range Products

Blackened Pit


Memphis BBQ Spice


Candied Bacon

BBQ Maple

Black Rum

Smoked Rum


Inspiring_tastes_of_America_infographic_of_key_flavours Inspiring_tastes_of_America_infographic_of_key_flavours Inspiring_tastes_of_America_infographic_of_key_flavours

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